Sometimes you take action for a hand to hold it…

I’m ready to extend my hand, are you?

I want to guide you on your inner journey with my own experiences and inspiration from my spiritual journey.

Tulum is calling you..

The soul has wings, but it has to let go of its weights to fly.

Are you ready to be healed in the Mayan land?

Those involved in the studies;

Yoga And Meditation Sessions

Cocoa Ceremony

Sound Therapy

Themazcal Mayan Bath

Cenotes (Healing groundwater)

The most beautiful beach in the world

Healthy Mexican food


Not included in the program:

If you feel a spiritual attraction, the extra works we will add for you,

– Shamanic Healing (Plant Medicine)

*Requires special preparation.

-Janzu Rebirth Work

-Transportation (if you have a special driver and car request, please specify.)

-Round-Back Cancun Flight Ticket


Green Hotel Tulum



There is no airport in Tulum, so you must fly into the Cancun International Airport.

Once you are at the airport, you have 4 transportation options to get to Tulum:


Rental a Car,

Private Shuttle,

ADO Public Bus,

You can take a taxi from center to the hotel.

Get ready to act now..

Because the magic begins.

You choose the date and the day you want to stay…

We are ready for you..

Meeting: Cancun Airport( Mexico)

The individuality of this program is more effective for the client. However, there can be groups of up to 5 people.

In order to participate in the journey, we have a pre-interview condition.

Our lead trainer may not invite people who are not suitable.

Afterwards, we ask you to write us an e-mail explaining why you need spiritual healing and this journey.

*Those who declare that they will sign the participation agreement before participating in the studies are accepted.

We would like to state that this work is not a trip to Mexico, but serves to heal and renew completely.

**It is not a tour program.

Visa: Mexico visa belongs to the person.

You can enter with a valid US visa.

**We do not take any responsibility for entering and leaving the country.

Location: Portal İxchel – Mexico/ Tulum

All year around

Pls send us inquire for the exact dates..

Promo : 999 us

1050 us

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