Private 200 Hour Teacher Training in Tulum

Private Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum

Sometimes you take action for a hand to hold it. They want to guide you on your inner journey with their own experiences and inspiration from their spiritual journey. Tulum is calling you. The soul has wings, but it has to let go of its weights to fly. Relax your body and mind in this program specially prepared for you in the blue and warm waters of the Caribbean. Join this private yoga-teacher training for 11 day . Open your heart to love with the Cacao ceremony and be reborn with Temazcal. Let them prepare an amazing experience for you.

Yoga and meditation lessons
Cacao ceremony
Yoga teacher training program
3 vegetarian meals per day
10 nights accommodation at the luxutry home


Aldea Zama is the most luxurious, safe and beach-accessible part of Tulum. The famous beach is only 5 minutes distance. Around the corner, there is many restaurants and cafe. This is the safest area of Tulum. fitflowyoga has thought of the most special of everything for you in this program specially designed for you.

Santulan Sanctuary Accomodation: :
 La Veleta  Tulum 
In this accommodation, which is 5 minutes from the beach for 11 days, you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the private terrace while doing yoga and you will complete your yoga instructor course with the instructor with min 1 max of 4 people.

Thıs program ıs very suıtable for who look around for small group experience and deep learning experience..


  • 15  minute to the beach by bıke or scooter 
  • Private  accomodation
  • Private bathroom
  • Common pool

Dive deep and completely immerse yourself into the study of yoga with Fitflowyoga’s 10-day private teaching training program.
*Learn how the history of ancient yoga ties into today’s masters
*Discover mindfulness and vipassana meditations
*Experience intensive study and practice of asanas
*Discover the meaning of chakras, bandhas, mantras, kriyas
*Learn how to chant and discover why the sounds you create can help you vibrate at a different level
*Understand basic yoga anatomy and how it’s relevant to yoga postures
*Develop confidence as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and how to develop a professional attitude
*Learn how to connect with your students
*Find out how to safely and confidently adjust students by hands
*Create class plans that are sequenced pro
*Yoga lessons
*Inversion workshop
*Internship classes
*Meditation classes
*Breathwork classes
*Yoga Nidra
*Yoga philosophy
*Yoga anatomy
*70 yoga asana with warp up asanas
*Yoga asana lab
*Yoga anatomy for different shape
*Learn to teaching secure and confident yoga lesson
*Mentoring from lead trainer
*Learn marketing on social media
*Free yoga shooting
*Shatkarma techniques
*Learn mantra chanting
*Mudra class and more

Dates are flexible..

January 2024

February 2024

March 2024

April 2024

May 2024

June 2024

July 2024

August 2024

September 2024 

October 2024

For exact dates please reach out us, flexible dates

We have more option

Prices:Santulan Sanctuary

Private Room : 3800 USD For one person

Prıvate Room for 2 people: 7500 US (ideal for couple and frıends) 

Dorm Room : 2800 US 



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